What's the need?

Australian Defence Force members deploy across the globe to areas that are affected by conflict to ensure the security and safety of Australians and our national interests. In the conduct of these duties Defence personnel and Government Officials are often supported by local nationals referred to as ‘Mission Essential Personnel’ (MEP). Our service personnel, government officials and MEP are often exposed to traumatic events in the course of their duties and family members may find it difficult to understand their needs or entitlements.

The Australian Government has a responsibility to ensure ALL personnel providing support in the interest of the Australian people and Government are appropriately cared for at the end of their mission. Many service personnel experience difficulties upon return to their families and communities. Many MEP have found themselves without support from the Australian Government in seeking protection from persecution as a result of their involvement in supporting Australia’s mission.

At Forsaken Fighters we aim to ensure prompt delivery of services to our veterans and MEP. We aim to see fair and unbiased assessments to their entitlements is conducted and policies developed to support greater access
and reduced processing times. We are committed to ensuring that those MEP who remain forsaken and at risk of persecution in their own country are afforded professional representation and support both during the application process and when approved for entry to Australia. Ensuring that appropriate recognition for service is afforded, our aim is to support you.


Your donation will go towards helping a veteran or personnel in need.