If you are a former Australian Defence Force (ADF) member or a (MEP) from a foreign Country and have provided support to the Australian Government during a period of conflict and instability we can assist you & your family with:

  • Advocacy for Veterans entitlements
  • Financial assistance
  • Visa support and representation
  • Resettlement and integration
  • Work assistance and placement
  • Family support and counselling
  • Health services and support
  • Research and study

Our objectives

  • Provide professional representation for applicants seeking a protection visa
  • Provide financial assistance to recently resettled protection visa holders
  • Provide psychological support/assessment services to veterans and MEP and their families
  • Promote a culture that is inclusive, tolerant and educated
  • Gain and/or advocate for recognition for service
  • Provide training and support services to gain meaningful employment
  • Promote the health and wellbeing of veterans, provide financial assistance and reunite veterans with their mates
  • Invest in research initiatives for PTSD and other associated mental illnesses

Support & Services

  • Financial assistance
  • Advocacy
  • Psychological support
  • Training and employment assistance
  • Cultural training and integration support
  • Policy development
  • Research into mental health conditions


Your donation will go towards helping a veteran or personnel in need.