Who is Forsaken Fighters?

Forsaken Fighters is a Not for Profit Organisation founded on the values of Friendship, Courage and Compassion. We understand the unique services provided by Mission Essential Personnel (MEP) in support of the Australian Government and our Defence Force personnel in areas of conflict. We offer financial assistance to MEP to assist with the provision of professional representation on lodgement of applications for Protection Visas and work with relevant agencies to ensure the delivery of services to them and their families on arrival in Australia.

Misinterpretation Matters

What do we do?

Our focus is on issues impacting veterans and Mission Essential Personnel (MEP). We represent our members, veterans and MEP to bridge the gap in services to this group. We believe through diversity, education and cultural inclusion, we will ensure that the unique service provided by these personnel receives the appropriate funding, focus and attention from the relevant governing entity. We are dynamic, asymmetrical and unrelenting in
our mission. We embody the ethos of friendship, courage and compassion and strive to ensure that political and personal agendas do not distort social and economic realities and erode our national integrity by diluting our moral responsibilities to both our veterans and MEP.

Australian values promote multiculturalism, but these values are constantly being challenged through political anti-immigration rhetoric, fear mongering and the perceived threats that migration poses to our national security. Political and media discussions, around religious minorities, are often promoting the vilification and discrimination of these groups. There is general concern that these groups will not be able to integrate into ‘Australian Society’ or will be unable to embody the ‘Australian values’.

We aim to promote a welcoming Australia on the ‘True Blue’ Australian values of a ‘fair-go’ for all. We will assist/lead/advocate for policy development and work collaboratively with all levels of Government and local Councils, to enhance education, integration, appreciation and tolerance for our veterans, MEP and their families.


Your donation will go towards helping a veteran or personnel in need.