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Forsaken Fighters our mission is to ensure that the rights and entitlements of our veterans is preserved. We will deliver the provision of immediate support to Veterans and Mission Essential Personnel (MEP) who have assisted our Government in areas of instability and conflict. We aim to promote the service and sacrifice of our members and ensure appropriate recognition and entitlements are provided.

Friendship, Courage & Compassion

Forsaken Fighters is a Not for Profit Organisation that is focused on promoting a diverse and culturally inclusive society. Through education and advocacy we promote the ‘True Blue’ Australian values of ‘Friendship, Courage and Compassion’, these are the value on which our organisation was founded.

We offer financial assistance to MEP to assist with the provision of professional representation on lodgement of applications for Protection Visas and work with relevant agencies to ensure the delivery of services to them and their families on arrival in Australia.

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